Healthy Apple Crumble Breakfast

Enjoy this (mostly!) healthy apple crumble for breakfast or dessert. It’s so easy and full of nutrients. I love making a full dish and keeping it in the fridge. I heat up a serving for a breakfast and have it with a cup of tea! Perfect for cold mornings. Ingredients Servings: 6 meals Apples (approx.Continue reading “Healthy Apple Crumble Breakfast”

Travel and Covid-19 | 5 things you CAN do

With the COVID19 pandemic causing most countries to close their borders, travelling plans have been thrown out the window for many many people. Kristy and I had plans to visit New Zealand earlier this year, in fact Kristy was going to be going to New Zealand TWICE in April. Similarly to other people our flightsContinue reading “Travel and Covid-19 | 5 things you CAN do”