Travel Trivia Challenge!

Challenge yourself!

We thought it would be fun if we did some Travel related trivia, and we were RIGHT! We learnt some really interesting and cool facts about places from all over the world. Have a look out our video above if you want to do some trivia along with us.

BUT we have put some questions below for your interest and entertainment! So read ahead and see how many of these questions you get right! (We’d love to hear from you too, so let us know how many you get correct).

Q1 – Russia’s first fast-food restaurant opened in Moscow in 1990, but which chain was it?

A. McDonald’s B. Pizza Hut C. Starbucks D. Dunkin Donuts

Q2 – Sinapore’s national anthem is in micro-text on the back of which of their notes?

A. $50 B. $2 C. $100 D. $1000

Q3 – Which member of the Beatles has a park in Havana named after them?

A. Paul McCartney B. John Lennon C. George Harrision D. Ringo Starr

Q4 – As of 2019, where is the world’s largest natural flower garden?

A. Dubai B. Pattaya City C. London D. Versailles

Q5 – A famous bridge in which city is known to locals as: The Coat Hanger?

A. San Francisco B. Sydney C. Newcastle D. Florence

Q6 – In 2014, the Mayor of Mexico City ordered that taxis must be which colour?

A. Green B. Yellow C. Pink D. Orange

Q7 – Which city is home to the only royal palace in the United States?

A. Boston B. Honolulu C. St Louis D. Las Vegas

Q8 – As of 2019, where would you find the largest indoor aquarium in the Western hemisphere?

A. Boston B. Chicago C. Baltimore D. Atlanta

Q9 – Which city would you be in if you were viewing art at The Prado?

A. Madrid B. Berlin C. Birmingham D. Paris

Q10 – At which tourist attraction in London would you find Traitors’ Gate?

A. Buckingham Palace B. the Tower of London C. The Palace of Westminster D. St Paul’s Cathedral

We hope you enjoyed these trivia questions, you’ll find the answers below. Don’t forget to contact us below!


Q1 – A. McDonald’s, Q2 – D. $1000, Q3 – B. John Lennon, Q4 – A. Dubai, Q5 – B. Sydney, Q6 – C. Pink, Q7 – B. Honolulu, Q8 – D. Atlanta, Q9 – A. Madrid, Q10 – B. the Tower of London

What’s next?

We will be exploring a cool water related destination soon so keep your eye out for our emails in the next few weeks!

We would love to know where you have explored or are exploring. You can contact us through the box below.

If there are any places you would like us to explore we’d love to her about them too!

Stay safe and we’ll talk soon!

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Day out at the Eumundi Markets! Eumundi, Queensland Australia

How our weekend began!

This weekend we headed off to the Eumundi Markets! We have both been there a few times and have always enjoyed the day out and seeing what is available there. These markets have a wide variety of goods which are amazing! We’ll go into more detail below…

Eumundi is approximately an hour and a half drive north of Brisbane city. We left at about 8 in the morning and arrived just before 10am. The drive there is easy, we used our GPS most of the way but the signage is clear if you know what motorway to stay on. The scenic environment is great to see on the drive the further out you get from the city. I personally love seeing the tall trees and forests as we drive past.

Where did we go?

Our plan for the day was to enjoy a couple of hours at the markets then head back along the Blackall Range Tourist Drive (check out our previous blog post for more detail on this Drive!) towards Montville, where we would stop for some food before heading home.

But more specifically we stopped at the following places during our day out:

  • Eumundi Markets
  • Dulong lookout
  • Mapleton
  • Kondalilla Falls
  • Mayfield Patisserie and Chocolates Cafe – Montville

What did we do?

We thoroughly enjoyed the markets! We saw cool electric guitars made from wooden cigar boxes (the guy playing them was really good too), we heard heard really creative music which included a didgeridoo and was crossed with a modern pop sound. There were so many crafts as well, Kristy had so much fun at a “Make your own candle” stall. There seriously is something for everyone there, if i was to write down everything I saw the list would be very long… Let us know if you are interested in everything we saw and we will let you know!

We bought some delicious fresh cinnamon donuts, an authentic German Bratwurst and a potato slinky (always a favourite… Haha!)

We spent about 20 mins getting to the top end of the Blackall Range Tourist Drive after we left the markets and almost immediately found our first lookout. Dulong lookout just south west of Nambour. Funnily enough it was spelt two different ways on the sign “Dulong” or “Doolong”, We weren’t sure if it was a mistake but we did find it amusing nonetheless.

Next stop was Mapleton, we weren’t here for long as it was a small and quiet town. We talk a short wander down to a lilypond and then headed off again.. We were on a bit of a time schedule here so we probably could have explored some more but were eager to reach Montville for a meal. Kristy noted that the lilypond would likely look very pretty when they were all in bloom. So we might see that another time.

We passed through the next town Flaxton which is very close to the Kondalilla Falls (which we are going to explore fully another time!). We took a short walk to the first lookout along the Kondalilla Falls walking track. It was actually quite a funny experience, we didn’t really intend to stop at Kondalilla Falls but we did when we saw the sign. But we had both worn white shoes which is NOT the correct footwear for a forest walk! We also found out that to reach the falls it was a 2 hour walking circuit so we didn’t have the time, but we WILL be back!

Our last stop, Montville. This was our last stop in our previous post too. We ate some freshly baked sausage rolls and enjoyed a stunning view across the landscape from the Mayfield Patisserie and Chocolates Cafe. We definitely recommend stopping here for a meal!

How we liked it…

We LOVED it! Eumundi markets are amazing all on their own, with something for everyone it is a great day out. But combining that with a scenic drive through the Sunshine Coast hinterland makes the day even better.

While driving the Blackall Range Tourist Drive we also noticed signage for other tourist drives in the area so we may go and check them out at some point too. But something that we will definitely be doing soon is the Kondalilla Falls walk, so stay tuned for that!

We hope you get to visit and experience the Eumundi markets and the Blackall Range Tourist Drive soon!

We want to hear from you! Have you been to Eumundi markets? Where should we go and explore next? We look forward to hearing from you!

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Blackall Range Tourist Drive, Queensland Australia

How our weekend began!

This time our weekend wasn’t really planned out. We had certain things happening for sure, I was shouting my Dad a movie for an early father’s day and Kristy was heading to the library. But we wanted to DO SOMETHING MORE. So we took to trusty Google to research where we could go for the day and what we found did not disappoint!

Where did we go?

We discovered there was a tourist drive just north of Brisbane (1 and a half hours drive to get there) called the “Blackall Range Tourist Drive”. This drive takes you on a route through Queensland’s mountains and some popular touristy suburbs.

It’s also really close to Australia Zoo! So you could literally spend an entire day on the drive and the zoo and you might not even have enough time!

What did we do?

We drove most of the drive on the day and it was very easy to do, simply follow the signage on the roads! The roads are marked clearly with the Blackall Range Tourist Drive on them.

We stopped at a number of lookouts along the way, McCarthy’s and Gerrard’s to name a couple. The views are absolutely amazing, it was so great to see. We also stopped in at Maleny which is great suburb and we got some pies for lunch there. We were going to be heading to Montville next which is another great touristy suburb… but… we came across a place called “Gardeners Falls”.

So I took a detour and we explored this place “Gardners Falls” and wow! It was so cool! It was this large stream that had small waterfalls and a larger one at the end. We saw a number of families there that had taken their kids swimming which looked fun. We’ll put a photo up here so you can get an idea.

Once we arrived at Montville we took a walk down and up the main street that had a lot of historic looking buildings and nice walkways. We also got ice cream there because…. well… why not right?

We had stopped at quite a few places along the drive and we had to cut our day trip short so we headed home after visiting Montville. But we are planning to finish off the drive in the next couple of weekends.

How we liked it…

We thoroughly enjoyed our day out following the Blackall Range Tourist Drive! If you are ever in Brisbane or north of Brisbane you should 100% make a day of it and check it out. Maleny and Montville are great places to stop along the way and have some food for drink before continuing on the drive.

After seeing Gardeners Falls and seeing that people would swim there I think next time we will be more prepared and might pack our swimming gear. So if you like swimming in a mountainous area maybe consider packing yours too if you go.

Overall it was so nice to just get out of the house and go somewhere new. We liked it enough that we want to go back and finish it! So stay tuned for when we share what we find on the later half of the Blackall Range Tourist Drive.

Enjoy the drive and the sights! Let us know how you liked it!

We want to hear from you! Have you been on this drive before? Do you have a favourite local drive or lookout spot? We look forward to hearing from you.

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Secret Beach! Coolangatta QLD

How to find it…

We recommend walking there from Coolangatta along the boardwalk. So many great views and stop offs along the way. Walk south along the coast from Coolangatta Beach you’ll pass Greenmont Beach (which is basically the southern end of Coolangatta Beach) and then Rainbow Bay (with it’s beautiful rock formations). On the small head between Greenmont Beach and Rainbow Bay there’s a lookout which is up some steep stairs from the boardwalk up to Pat Fagan Park. We definitely recommend stopping here! We saw a pod of whales playing around some boats further out and 3 dolphins surfing closer in! Once you’ve continued along the boardwalk to Snapper Rocks (which has another great viewing point) you’ll need to keep going around the point and soon find yourself looking at a cute little cove with a bright green rock painted like a frog. I’m not sure if the name of the beach inspired the rock painting or vice versa but it’s a clear indication that you’ve made it! Welcome to Froggie’s Beach!

How we liked it…

We happened to go to Froggie’s Beach on a public holiday so I’m not sure it was the best time to go. The beach was popular with the local families and, that particular morning, very popular with the surfers. Since we’re wimps and it’s the middle of winter here in QLD Australia we didn’t swim as the water was a bit icy but Isaiah couldn’t resist a scramble over the black volcanic rocks and I had a sunbathe on the sand. Personally I preferred Coolangatta Beach with it’s plenty of space and wide view of Coolangatta and Gold Coast but it was certainly fun walking along the boardwalk in search of this ‘secret’ beach!

Enjoy the walk and the swim at the end! Let us know how you liked it!

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Exploring the Natural Bridge Circuit! Will We Find Glow Worms?

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In our previous post Kristy gave you some details about our recent trip to Coolangatta! During this trip we decided to go and explore some “local” Glow Worm caves. I say “local” because we actually thought they were closer than they actually were. However it was only a beautiful hour drive from where we were staying!

Our Glow Worm Search

The glow worm caves are located in Springbrook National Park, specifically on the Natural Bridge hiking circuit. When arriving there I was a little nervous as the road to get there was pitch black and there were no other cars on the road (Kristy was laughing at how ‘nervous’ I was!). However upon arrival we noticed there were quite a few people there at night, most with young families too!

The walk itself was relatively easy, quite a few steps up and down but overall the circuit wasn’t very long. It took us about 20 minutes to complete it and we were taking our time. The sounds were so exciting! The closer we got to the glow worm caves the louder the waterfall located within it became. We were so excited too because we did see glow worms – despite it being the middle of winter (apparently they are even more spectacular in Summer!).

Unfortunately our camera couldn’t get a great photo of them, but make sure you check out our video above where you will see a sneak peek at the glow worms!

Seeing the glow worms was great but other than that we didn’t get to see much on the walking circuit due to the lack of light (duh). If you go here at night we would recommend getting yourself a pair of head-lights (Check them out here – . We saw a couple with them on the way in an realised it would be something we will definitely be packing for next time!

We enjoyed the circuit at night and so we decided we’d come back the next day when there was daylight so that we could enjoy the rainforest views, waterfalls and rock formations!

Day visit

It was well worth going in the day time AS WELL!

I’ll get to the walk in a moment, but even the drive there was great (no nervous Isaiah haha) as we could see the forests and lakes on the way. There was even one section where the trees were growing out of the water that looked dead but so cool to photograph (see below).

The Natural Bridge circuit was also popular during the day with quite a few families visiting it. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Springbrook National Park in the day time. Being able to put visuals with the magnificent sound of the waterfall was great, and how stunning is that water?!

During our day visit it started to RAIN! Haha! While unexpected it was still an amazing time, we could enjoy the waterfall out of the rain due to the rock overhang which was so pretty to see too.

There are other walking circuits at Springbrook National Park, we were going to check out another one however decided not to since I had forgotten a raincoat and was already soaked after one circuit. (So learn from my mistake and pack a raincoat just in case!)

We 100% recommend visiting Springbrook National Park and the Natural Bridge walking circuit! It’s not far from Gold Coast or Brisbane and is a great time out with your family! We will be back to check out the other walking tracks that we didn’t get to.

Let us know if you’ve ever been to Springbrook National Park in Queensland australia and what your favourite part was! Sign up to get updates on our posts.

What to do in Coolangatta, QLD Australia!

Isaiah and I decided to get away for a couple of nights last week, we were already heading down south for a friend’s wedding so we chose as far south along the Queensland coast as we could go! Coolangatta. With border closures in place at the moment (darn COVID!) we were careful to book a place on the QLD side of Coolangatta, and not accidentally cross over in any of our explorations.. Did you know the QLD and NSW boarder goes right down the middle of it?

Where to stay?

We booked through and found a great serviced apartment at the Reflection Towers. even though we were only on level 3 we had stunning views looking right across to the beach and ocean. We would highly recommend booking a room here not just for the views but the apartment themselves were great! The staff were friendly and helpful. And the apartment was large with a full sized kitchen (great for cooking up a brekky to have on the balcony!), dinning area, lounge, 2 bathrooms, comfy bed and a large balcony with more seating. Something I always look for in holiday accommodation is a bath or spa as we don’t have one at home and I just love relaxing in them! Reflection Towers didn’t disappoint here either as the room had a large bath with jets AS WELL AS a heated pool and spa for all the residents to use. There was contact tracing in place and the gym was closed due to hygiene measures, but the ammenities were still great! There is an outdoor Teppanyaki grill area as well as a theaterette that you can book through reception, which would be great for larger groups. The other amazing thing about Reflection Towers was the locality of it, literally on Marine Parade you will be within walking distance of multiple beaches, restaurants, cafes, ice-creameries, and grocery stores. Overall we were so happy with our choice to stay here!

Which beach to go to?

The Gold Coast beaches are renowned for their golden sands and blue waters. With Coolangatta at the very southern end of Gold Coast, we were not disappointed! Now the blue-ness of the water definitely depends on clear sunny skies but even on the one overcast day we had the beaches were stunning!

There are a few great options to choose from if you’re staying in Coolangatta; Coolangatta Beach blends into Greenmount Beach with beautiful long coastline. South-east is Rainbow Bay which is super popular with the locals, at low tide the southern point creates rock pools to explore. Then further south to Snapper Rocks and around to the Secret beach is a great walk along the boardwalk and up to the lookout (we saw a pod of whales and a few dolphins!). North, you can walk up to Kirra Point Lookout and then around on a beautiful boardwalk to Kirra Beach which goes all the way up to Currumbin.

What to eat?

We actually loved eating take out pizza or home cooked breakfast on our balcony, but if you’re going to go out here are a few places we recommend…

Bellakai Cafe on Marine Parade was great to sit on the balcony and watch people walking along the beach. Isaiah had the Bellakai Breakfast with eggs, bacon, chipolatas, baked beans, grilled tomato, mushroom, hash browns, and toast it was a BIG breakfast for all those grumbling stomachs. I had the blueberry pancakes with ice cream, maple syrup and berry compote. Delish! The coffee was great and they also had a number of fresh juices on offer.

For ice cream fans there were TWO great ice-creameries. Gelatissimo and Messina have so many options to choose from! The only thing we found was they didn’t open until 2pm! We were hankering after ice-cream after our morning walks along the beach so this was a little disappointing. This was during the week though and they do open slightly earlier on the weekends.

Anyone looking for a place for dinner but not sure what you feel like? Currumbin Markets are for you! Technically not in Coolangatta, they were a short 10min drive so we’re going to count them as local. Located in the front area of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, the open at 4pm on Fridays till late. There were about 15 food stalls with food ranging from Balinese to Indian to Greek and so many others! We split a Greek deep fried bread that was more like a pizza with bacon, cheese and other goodies on it. We also had a fresh peach iced tea with popping boba in it and some crispy veggie gyoza. So yummy! We spent $26 for the 2 of us so it was very budget friendly and we were so full afterwards! Would definitely recommend this place not just for the great food but also it was so popular with many young families and couples, with places to sit and enjoy the live music and festoon lights.

What to do?

Apart from heading to the beach or walking the boardwalk for the day there are a number of things to do. We adventured out to some glow worm caves (there’s a post about this coming soon!) which we would so recommend. There’s also Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which, though it costs $40 a ticket, is a great way to experience Australian wildlife in person with an area filled with kangaroo that you can feed or go and watch the bird feeding among other wildlife experiences.

Let us know if you’ve ever been to Coolangatta and what your favourite part was! Sign up to get updates on our posts.

A day out at Daisy Hill Conservation Park – Queensland

Traveling local is something we’ve always loved but never found so necessary as it is during this weird time in history. So we travelled locally to Daisy Hill Conservation Park. Located at the end of Daisy Hill Rd, Daisy Hill QLD, south-east of the CBD, it’s covered in native trees, has an incredible picnic spot, a Koala centre and a great walk to the Old Quarry. There’s something for everyone!

We’ve been to Daisy Hill before when we did the Old Quarry hike. It’s approximately 3km hike down an unpaved road. It’s popular with couples and families (although with the hills I felt sorry for little one’s legs!). It’s a beautiful hike surrounded by native gums, so keep a lookout for wildlife! The Old Quarry also makes for a great swim/picnic spot at the end of your hike.

A picnic by the Old Quarry

This time we bought some breakfast and made our way to the large picnic area outside the Koala centre. It was a stunning open area with many picnic tables, some undercover areas and fire BBQs. This place was popular with large groups and families. We enjoyed our picnic to the sound of Kookaburras and kids playing. The picnic spot was a central point for a few board walks and other hikes so we wandered through one of the newly refurbished boardwalks.

Just a note to remember to take your rubbish home with you.

We did go to have a peek at the Koalas but the centre had been closed to those without a booking (should have done our research). This is a new measure due to Covid, but we were happy they were taking precautions and very happy to keep wandering around the paths among the gumtrees.

We would definitely recommend visiting Daisy Hill Conservation Park!

While we were there we did an Italian language challenge. You can check this out in our youtube video below!

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5 Ways not to kill Each Other While Traveling as a Couple!

haha! Travel is definitely all fun and games until it’s not. Anyone else know what I’m talking about? Isaiah and I are best friends so traveling is *mostly* so enjoyable, but when stress and jetlag start taking effect it can make a romantic getaway seem like the last place on earth you want to be. We’ve done our fair share of long haul and short haul trips to know the friction can show up at any unexpected moment, so here are our top 5 tips to NOT kill each other while traveling. (PS These are tips we employ in everyday life as well).

Tip 1 | Agree to Have Personal Time

Okay so when you’re travelling it quickly becomes apparent that you are joined at the hip with your travel partner… sometimes almost literally. I mean you book seats next to each other for that 5 hour flight, then you share a ride to your joint accommodation. Besides that’s what you wanted right!? To share these memories with that special person. But honestly, setting aside personal time and openly communicating about it is SO important! Whether it’s early in the morning so one of you can sleep in while the other goes for a solo walk around the area – or even just spending time in separate rooms (I’ll often commandeer the bed to read while Isaiah will take a couch to play games on his phone). Whatever the activity is it’s super important to be doing things to refresh yourselves so that when you come back together you’re both excited and ready to go.

Tip 2 | Openly Communicate About Finances

Okay so all of these tips include communication (we’ve found over the years that all our fights could have been avoided or deescalated quicker with clear communication). One other thing we’ve realised is that often finances can be a source of contention amongst couples. So open communication about your personal finances while traveling is important. We like starting this early with the budget, this leaves plenty of room to come to agreement about how much you’re going to be spending on things like food and activities and even accommodation!

Tip 3 | Talk Through Expectations of your Holiday

Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! I can’t say it enough… this one is more personal though and sometimes harder to articulate what you’re actually expecting out of your holiday – if one of you was hoping for a lay-by-the-pool, get room service and massages type of break while the other was expecting a activity loaded, local cuisine, full to the brim type holiday it can definitely be cause for contention. Made even worse if you’ve just assumed that your partner is on the same page as you. Talk about it! We do this multiple times during the planning stages of the holiday and also each morning we’ll talk about our goal for the day (is it catch up on rest or getting to the next location or going exploring?). This way there is plenty of room for negotiation and you both know the other persons expectations.

Tip 4 | Continue Planned Dates

This one is more for longer trips we’ve found even when you are constantly together there’s something about having a specific date and time set to spend time just reconnecting with the other person. we find that when we’re travelling we are so focused on family or friends we are visiting, or seeing the next thing or getting to the next location that we don’t actually spend quality time together. So this is why we, even after 4 years of marriage will go on date nights. Typically this is one night set aside in the week where we plan on a nice evening (out or in). This is connected to the “talking about finances” as this evening will often be a night at a nice restaurant where we order some extras (drinks and dessert), we know to put these dates in the budget. This time spent specifically to reconnect is so beneficial in keeping a healthy relationship and is also a great night to (you guessed it!) communicate!

Tip 5 | Leave Room for Spontaneity/the Unexpected

We have found it best for the both of us when there is room for a change of plans during our trip. Rather than plan a full week we will usually plan half of it, leaving the other half open to what we feel like doing on the day. This helps so much! There have definitely been days where Isaiah or myself will wake up and just feel like staying where we are and resting, this is hard when you’ve got something on that you’ve paid for. You might not enjoy it as much if you’re tired. On the flip side, there have been days where I will discover a new place that I really want to explore and have the time to do so because we planned time in our trip for spontaneity.

This also leaves room for any unexpected occurrences such as a delayed flight or lost handbag or a change in weather. Just having a slightly more relaxed plan for your trip helps reduce the stress of being at different places at specific times, which improves your relationship.

Don’t forget to have fun! This is an exciting time for you! Just remember; communication is key to maintaining a great relationship while traveling.

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Savings Forecast | How to & explanation

Welcome to The Drake Conversation! Having trouble saving as much money as you hope? Keep scrolling to find out why you should have a Savings Forecast one and how you can make one!

First up | What is a Savings Forecast?

A Savings Forecast is your EASY WAY to plan and have vision for how much money you will have saved at different points in the future. It’s just super great because at any point in time it can work out how much you will have saved by a certain date (this is especially helpful for planning for a specific event).

I created my own Savings Forecast in Microsoft Excel and am excited to share this with you all! It’s helped me take a deeper look at how I use money and how it benefits Kristy and I.

We’ve made it easy for you and included this sheet that you can download for FREE at the end of this post!

Secondly | Why is a Savings Forecast important?

The answer is simple. Your savings forecast will bring you clarity, vision, and opportunity.

Clarity | The Savings Forecast is based off of the data you put in it, so not only is it accurate to your specific circumstances, but you will also gain insight as to how your money is working for you.

Vision | It is LITERALLY giving you a glimpse into your financial future. Having VISION can really help you with your financial practices now! Seeing where you’ll be (financially) in 6 months, a year, two years time is really insightful. I know for me, it makes me wonder how the values change if I increase or decrease how much money I am saving. Which also brings motivation for you to keep saving – no matter how hard it can seem. I don’t know about you but if I know that sacrificing a single coffee each week means that I’ll have $260 to spend at the end of one year, it keeps me motivated!

Opportunity | Having a Savings Forecast will help you PLAN which in turn opens up a whole world of opportunities! Whether it’s to travel (like us), home renovations, a new car, or whatever! a Savings Forecast will open up not only to possibility to reach your goals but will help you actually achieve those goals! It also creates opportunity for you to GROW and STRETCH with your savings.

For example… YOUR GOAL is to save $1000 for a week away. The Savings Forecast indicates to you that at your current saving rate ($39 a week) you will have saved $1000 in 6 months. After seeing this you decide to CUT OUT one takeaway meal (approx. $15 per week and put that money into your savings. Once your reflect this change in the Savings Forecast you now see that you will have saved your $1000 2 months earlier! This means you don’t have to wait 6 months to get that much needed time away!

And the best part is that this process is totally adaptable for what YOU can and want to do!

Thirdly | How to make a Savings Forecast?

I’ll be super quick here, as I am GIVING YOU FOR FREE my Savings Forecast Excel sheet at the end of the post.

Using Excel you will be creating a sheet that includes how much you are saving every month (or week). This data is then displayed across future dates. This means that you could go to (on your sheet) December 2022 and you will be able to see how much you will have saved by then based on your saving trends.

Finally | Some encouragement for you!

You CAN succeed and you WILL succeed! You just need to have a goal, make a plan and act on it! Start your Savings Forecast and see the opportunities open up in front of you. Like I said, this one is FREE to download so help yourself! Please get in contact with us if you have any questions – we’d love to help!

We would love to hear your success stories about reaching your savings goals and being able to save more than you thought. Share them with us BELOW!

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10 Things To Do On Your Next Long Haul Trip

Some product links are affiliate links which mean if you buy something we’ll receive a small commission.

Whether your trip is on a plane, train, bus, or boat, they inherently take up A LOT of your time. So here are our top 10 things to do to during your long trip!

1 | Read

If you’re anything like me, nothing quite compares to reading a good book! Getting lost in the story and characters is such a good way to pass the time. I have a decent sized library at home so have quite a selection to choose from when its travel time! My favourite genres are mystery and romance.

In the past I have packed multiple books into my bag, which while is possible is slightly impractical. They take up a lot of space and can increase your bag’s weight! Isaiah bought me an iPad mini last year, one of the reasons he got it for me was so that I could read books on it! Whether it is your iPad, tablet, or Kindle, having multiple books on one device is a massive save on space and a very effective way to have multiple uses out of one item.

Kindle Paperwhite – Waterproof, battery lasts weeks, access to over 5 million titles (8GB)

2 | Journal

I love journals! Next time you’re travelling I recommend taking a journal! It is a great way to record all you’ve been up to and process things you have seen. Better still, you can go back to journals from previous trips and read through your previous adventures.

I am so excited to start entries in my journal for our trip to Europe, its ready and waiting and I am sure it will be filled by the time we return!

Bordeaux Journal (Diary, Notebook) Hardcover
Flanders Black Leather Journal (Diary, Notebook) Leather Bound

3 | Watch TV shows or movies

You probably already know this, watching television shows and movies is a common activity to zone out during a flight or commute. I had to include it here!

Besides the on-board entertainment on flights, you could also have movies or TV shows ready on your tablet or mobile device. I regularly download movies and TV shows just in case I’m not interested in the mid-air options.

4 | People Watch

This can be such fun to do with your partner or traveling companions! Also can be slightly creepy so keep it casual. We all come from different backgrounds, wear different clothes, travel with different people, talk different languages and it’s interesting to see how people act.

5 | Mind puzzles

This one is one of Isaiah’s favourite pass times – the Rubik’s cube and all the other types of mind puzzles. These are great for young and old. Great to get your brain working in those mundane hours of traveling. My personal favourite mind puzzle is Sudoku, which you can find in a book or app.

Dreampark Speed Cube Bundle [5 Pack]
Travel Sudoku: 100 Easy to Hard Sudoku with Travel Pocket Size Book Paperback

6 | Sleep

Can I get an AMEN?! Haha! But who knows in order to get some great z’s you need a couple things…

  1. A neck pillow. There are so many kinds, styles and colours! You’ll need to do your research for the particular type you’re looking for. There are a couple of features I’d recommend you look for – the first is that it’s deflatable. This makes it easy to store when you’re not having a doze. The second is that it should be orthopaedic – this makes sure they offer better support. You can also get ones with extras like this one with a hood!
  2. Warmth. I’m talking thick socks, beanie, a blanket or scarf, or even a towel! There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in the freezing aircon!
  3. Sensory blocking. I.e. darkness and silence. I know this can be hard to achieve in close quarters. I recommend noise cancelling headphones like these… you can play some soothing music or just have them on without sound playing. A cheaper option, that can also be effective are some foam earplugs (you know, the orange kind you can find at your local hardware store?). I also recommend eye masks. You can get total blackout ones for those of you who waken at the slightest light. The ones that I use are amazing lavender scented heating ones like these!
Chillensio Deluxe Travel Kit- Orthopedic Travel Pillow, Polar Fleece Travel Blanket, Eye Mask, Ear Plugs & Carrying Bag
FINDANOR Inflatable Travel Pillow
Pillow – Memory Foam
Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise Cancelling – Black
Manta Sleep Mask – 100% Blackout
Juve Naturals Premium Self-Heating Steam Eye Mask (Lavender Aromatherapy)
16 Packs Steam Eye Mask (Lavender)

7 | Card games

A pack of cards has so many different potential games – great entertainment contained in one pack! Our favourites are Speed, and Warlords and Scumbags. There are also plenty of card games you can buy in airports or on your travels like Phase 10, Skip-Bo and 5 Crowns.

Phase 10 Card Game
Skip-Bo Card Game
Five Crowns Card Game

8 | Talk to your traveling companions

WOAH! I know, right?! Haha but honestly if you’re stuck sitting next to someone for hours it’s the best time to have great conversations! If you’re not sure how to get the conversation going we recommend the question game (something we started when we were dating and still do sometimes when we’re out and about!). All you do it start asking this or that questions that both of you have to answer. These can be as light-hearted or as intimate as you want! You might be surprised at what you learn.

9 | Talk to strangers

This is something I’m not so great at (hello all the introverts!) but luckily for me Isaiah is great at talking to people he doesn’t know! It’s honestly something I’m working on as I know the best way to increase what I know about the world we live in is by talking to all the kinds of people who live in it! We’re looking forward to doing this throughout Europe too!

10 | Be creative

This is for anyone! And doesn’t require a full set of colour pencils or paint and brushes. My favourite is simple pencil drawings with black pen layered on top for detail. And you can do whatever you’d like with this! Life drawings with whatever is in front of you, cartoons, something from a photo that you’ve taken…. the options are endless. I love book cases like these that can hold all your pencils, erasers and other art tools in the one place!

Folio Cover for Rocketbook Everlast, fits A5 Size Notebook Blue

There are so many ways to be creative these days. Including using technology. Procreate is one of my most used apps on my iPad, it’s so versatile (I’m not sponsored by Procreate, I just genuinely love it!).

Hope you found this useful! Let us know what you love to do on long haul trips!

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