Exploring the Natural Bridge Circuit! Will We Find Glow Worms?

Some links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we will receive a small commission. In our previous post Kristy gave you some details about our recent trip to Coolangatta! During this trip we decided to go and explore some “local” Glow Worm caves. I say “local” because we actually thought they wereContinue reading “Exploring the Natural Bridge Circuit! Will We Find Glow Worms?”

What to do in Coolangatta, QLD Australia!

Isaiah and I decided to get away for a couple of nights last week, we were already heading down south for a friend’s wedding so we chose as far south along the Queensland coast as we could go! Coolangatta. With border closures in place at the moment (darn COVID!) we were careful to book aContinue reading “What to do in Coolangatta, QLD Australia!”

Travel and Covid-19 | 5 things you CAN do

With the COVID19 pandemic causing most countries to close their borders, travelling plans have been thrown out the window for many many people. Kristy and I had plans to visit New Zealand earlier this year, in fact Kristy was going to be going to New Zealand TWICE in April. Similarly to other people our flightsContinue reading “Travel and Covid-19 | 5 things you CAN do”