Travel Trivia Challenge!

Challenge yourself! We thought it would be fun if we did some Travel related trivia, and we were RIGHT! We learnt some really interesting and cool facts about places from all over the world. Have a look out our video above if you want to do some trivia along with us. BUT we have putContinue reading “Travel Trivia Challenge!”

Day out at the Eumundi Markets! Eumundi, Queensland Australia

How our weekend began! This weekend we headed off to the Eumundi Markets! We have both been there a few times and have always enjoyed the day out and seeing what is available there. These markets have a wide variety of goods which are amazing! We’ll go into more detail below… Eumundi is approximately anContinue reading “Day out at the Eumundi Markets! Eumundi, Queensland Australia”

Blackall Range Tourist Drive, Queensland Australia

How our weekend began! This time our weekend wasn’t really planned out. We had certain things happening for sure, I was shouting my Dad a movie for an early father’s day and Kristy was heading to the library. But we wanted to DO SOMETHING MORE. So we took to trusty Google to research where weContinue reading “Blackall Range Tourist Drive, Queensland Australia”

Secret Beach! Coolangatta QLD

How to find it… We recommend walking there from Coolangatta along the boardwalk. So many great views and stop offs along the way. Walk south along the coast from Coolangatta Beach you’ll pass Greenmont Beach (which is basically the southern end of Coolangatta Beach) and then Rainbow Bay (with it’s beautiful rock formations). On theContinue reading “Secret Beach! Coolangatta QLD”

Exploring the Natural Bridge Circuit! Will We Find Glow Worms?

Some links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we will receive a small commission. In our previous post Kristy gave you some details about our recent trip to Coolangatta! During this trip we decided to go and explore some “local” Glow Worm caves. I say “local” because we actually thought they wereContinue reading “Exploring the Natural Bridge Circuit! Will We Find Glow Worms?”

What to do in Coolangatta, QLD Australia!

Isaiah and I decided to get away for a couple of nights last week, we were already heading down south for a friend’s wedding so we chose as far south along the Queensland coast as we could go! Coolangatta. With border closures in place at the moment (darn COVID!) we were careful to book aContinue reading “What to do in Coolangatta, QLD Australia!”

A day out at Daisy Hill Conservation Park – Queensland

Traveling local is something we’ve always loved but never found so necessary as it is during this weird time in history. So we travelled locally to Daisy Hill Conservation Park. Located at the end of Daisy Hill Rd, Daisy Hill QLD, south-east of the CBD, it’s covered in native trees, has an incredible picnic spot,Continue reading “A day out at Daisy Hill Conservation Park – Queensland”

5 Ways not to kill Each Other While Traveling as a Couple!

haha! Travel is definitely all fun and games until it’s not. Anyone else know what I’m talking about? Isaiah and I are best friends so traveling is *mostly* so enjoyable, but when stress and jetlag start taking effect it can make a romantic getaway seem like the last place on earth you want to be.Continue reading “5 Ways not to kill Each Other While Traveling as a Couple!”

Savings Forecast | How to & explanation

Welcome to The Drake Conversation! Having trouble saving as much money as you hope? Keep scrolling to find out why you should have a Savings Forecast one and how you can make one! First up | What is a Savings Forecast? A Savings Forecast is your EASY WAY to plan and have vision for howContinue reading “Savings Forecast | How to & explanation”