Sea Life and Mooloolaba Beach| Queensland Destinations

How to get there

Sea Life is located in Mooloolaba which is approximately 1.5 hours from Brisbane CBD. We’d definitely recommend leaving early in the morning as traffic can get worse during the day.

What to do there

Mooloolaba Beach is beautiful with a great playground, a few cafes and lifeguarded beaches right there. We had ourselves a picnic on one of the many tables provided close to the playground. The beach also has a walkway that runs the length of it – great for a evening stroll or morning run.

Sea Life is the aquarium located right in Mooloolaba and only 2mins drive from the beach. We highly recommend it! Isaiah and I weren’t sure exactly what to expect going in but we were pleasantly surprised at the range of animals to see and the experiences available. We were there for a total of 3 hours. The aquarium is set out in a circular type pathway but you can walk back and fourth between all the areas at your pleasure. In particular we did this with the Ocean tunnel as there were just so many animals to see. Another thing of note was the seal show, we recommend asking at the check in area what time the seal show is… the only reason we didn’t miss it was that we were accentually right there and saw people lining up! There are also a few side pathways to different areas so make sure to go through all the doors (the penguins are behind an automatically closing door). Isaiah’s favourite animals to see was the penguins (see our youtube video for a cute clip of one falling in!). My favourite was either the seals playing underwater or the jellyfish which were stunning!

How much it costs

General admission for Seal Life is $44 each and there are more extras that you can buy onto of this, such as a swim with the sharks experience, getting a photo with a seal or feeding the penguins. For all the info check out their website!


Just a few tips for making your visit to Main Beach even better! You CAN take in food and non-alcoholic drinks so take a snack! One note is that you do need to book your tickets online before you come, but this process was simple and the tickets get emailed to you for you to either print out or download to your phone. Sea life was very popular especially with families, although we enjoyed it being just the two of us! The lines were fairly long though so we recommend getting there a little early even though you’ve booked. Even though there was a line we did get in on time. They take your photograph when you get in and a printed version of these are available for $36 at the end, however you also get a QR code that gives you access to digital versions of these for free which is what we did.

Take your time and feel free to go back around for another viewing if you feel like it!

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