The Drake Conversation moves house

What’s happening?

You guessed it… We sold our house! After what seemed like the shortest timeframe after placing our home up for sale our house was sold. Over the next few weeks we began packing away our belongings, getting ready for clearing the property and moving onto our next.

Where are you now?

We have been blessed enough to have family and friends have their homes available for us to stay in. So until we find our new home we will be moving between these places.

What’s the plan?

Super simple plan really… once we find a new place and successfully purchase it we will move in!

What does this mean for The Drake Conversation?

Our blog here, and our Youtube content will be continuing! So don’t worry you won’t miss out on anything. We will continue to visit places and share them with you. You might find we have a different backdrop depending on where we are staying at the time of filming.

We hope you enjoy our video above! Don’t forget… we want to hear from YOU. Where have you explored recently and what is one of your favourite destinations!?

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