Main Beach Gold Coast | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

Main Beach is located in Gold Coast and is between a 40 and 60 minute drive from Brisbane depending on the day. We went early on a Saturday morning (5 AM ?!?!) and didn’t experience any traffic.

What to do there

Main Beach is an absolutely stunning location with incredible views of both the city and the beach and so many things to do that there is something for everyone!

It offers both the beach and grassy option to spend your time. With picnic seating, public BBQs, bicycle tracks and playgrounds for kids; this place has got you covered. We got there early in the morning because we were having a family photoshoot in preparation for Christmas. We haven’t seen the photos yet but we are sure the scenic beach and early morning sun made for some fantastic photographs!

After the beach photographs we had breakfast at the Lark Cafe which is just across the road, super convenient and incredibly delicious. After some sunbathing and a quick dip in the ocean we went off to Harbourtwon shopping centre (which is about a 10 minute drive from Main Beach) to do some Christmas shopping..

How much it costs

Everything is FREE at main beach other than purchasing drinks or food. You can enjoy the facilities and views only at the cost of your time.


Just a few tips for making your visit to Main Beach even better! As always… Take your time to explore! Wander around the area, find your perfect beach and ocean view. Enjoy the fresh air and walk along the beach and most definitely find your favourite coffee, ice cream or lunch from a local business.

Don’t forget to have fun!

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