Wynnum and Manly Shoreline | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

Wynnum and Manly are located East of Brisbane city. You can take public transport to get there, however you might also find having your own vehicle to get there will make it a lot easier.

What to do there

Wynnum and Manly have so many great spots to relax by the shoreline, go for a fish at the end of the wharfs, or even go for walk or ride up and down the shoreline path! But if those aren’t your speed you can also visit the Wynnum Wading pool. This pool is filled by the seawater at high-tide and retains the water during low-tide, and it allows visitors to enjoy the water without having to enter the open water. When we went there it was an extremely hot day so we HAD TO get some ice cream! We tried a Tim-Tam flavour and Ferrero Rocher flavour from Matilda’s Art of Gelato.

If you take a 20 minute walk south of Wynnum you’ll arrive in Manly (2 minute drive south). Manly has a similar relaxing feel to it and also provides great space and activities for families. Manly has a Bayside park with climbing structures as well as a playground. BUT one of the coolest things is that they have an outdoor cinema! Go look online for “Manly outdoor cinema” to find the upcoming events. But importantly they are all FREE. So what we would suggest is: 1. get to Manly, 2. order some fish and chips from our favourite place (Sea Vibes) and 3. cosy up with a blanket and watch a movie in the outdoors!

How much it costs

Apart from our ice creams and our fish and chips, all of the locations are FREE to access. Did we mention the outdoor cinema is free too?


Just a few tips for making your list to Wynnum and Manly even better! Take your time to explore! Wander around the area, find your perfect sea view, your satisfying shoreline walk, and most definitely get yourself some well deserved ice cream and fish’n’chip dinner! Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen (it can get HOT)!

Don’t forget to have fun!

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