Cancelled??| Changing our plans

Our Europe trip

When we started this blog and our youtube channel. We had started planning for an amazing trip through Europe! It was going to be six months long and we were going to be going through Greece all the way through to Scotland. We were especially excited to spend a long period of time in Italy and were intending on having Christmas in Belgium. We were SO EXCITED! Everything was coming together, we had got leave approved from our jobs we had figured out all of the finances. Then all of a sudden March hit and Covid-19 changed the world.

What’s changing?

We had so many cool ideas for what to share with all of you while we were overseas. While this isn’t happening now we are putting more focus and time into exploring our own backyard in Australia. So you will still get to join us as we discover amazing locations and share our experiences with you.

We have recently started a series called “Where to go in Brisbane?” So make sure you go back and check out our previous posts if you missed any! In this series we are going to various parks, gardens, walks and so much more! All of these places located within short driving distance of Brisbane CBD.

What else are you doing?

We’ve felt like we have been in limbo the last few months. Waiting to see if restrictions lift, waiting to see if Covid-19 disappears, waiting to figure out what we will do. Europe was a big start to a bigger plan we had. So we’re essentially just moving the Europe trip to a later time in our lives and now…… We are getting ready to move house! We are in the process of selling and are looking at moving into a new place soon!

The Future of The Drake Conversation

We are still so excited for the future and what we will be doing. At this stage due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions in place we will be focussing on local travel within Queensland mainly near Brisbane. As restrictions lift our options increase for places that we can explore and share with you. We have lots of ideas that we are so keen to do and share with you, so stay tuned in!

We want this platform with you to be a conversation, we love hearing from you. Reading about the places you have recently explored is so exciting and makes us want to go there too! So please send us a message saying Hi and share a place you have discovered recently.

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