Newstead | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

Newstead is located right on the Brisbane River and it a 10 minute drive East from the Brisbane CBD. You could also catch the CityCat from any point along the river.

What to do there

We would highly recommend Mica Patisserie on Breakfast Creek! Think every kind of pastry and tasty treat that you could dream of! So yummy! The coffee was also great. It’s located right on the creek under the Mercedes building. It’s also just a two minute walk away from Newstead Park. So you could definitely take your pastries and have a picnic there. Newstead Park also has a museum called Newstead house which is one of the oldest buildings in Brisbane.

One of the other great things to do and you said it’s go for walk along the river. There’s a great boardwalk that lots of people were taking advantage of going for a cycle or a run.

How much it costs

Mecca patisserie is a high-end cafe so the cost for the pastries is about six dollars each but the coffee was fairly standardly priced at five dollars for a ice latte. The parking was paid for street parking close by but we would recommend parking in the Bunnings close by for 2hrs free.


Just a few tips for making your trip to Newstead even better! Take the time to explore! when you’re there go for a walk along the river and see where it takes you! Don’t forget your sunscreen and picnic blanket.

Don’t forget to have fun! Take your time wandering through the many pathways.

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