Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

The Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary is located within the Daisy Hill Conservation Park which is approximately 25mins south from the Brisbane CBD. When you arrive you enter a circuit loop that goes around the park and has pockets of car parks along it. The Koala Sanctuary’s best parking is the first car park you come across. Though there were lots of families and visitors there on the day (Saturday), we find a car park very quickly.

How much it costs

Both the Conservation Park and the Koala Sanctuary is completely open to the public and FREE. The main thing to note is that if you are intending on going into the Koala Sanctuary you will need to book a time-slot in advance on their website to ensure you can visit!

What to do there

It is such a peaceful place, I was saying to Kristy when we were there “It feels like we are away secluded from everything, yet still so close to everything.” We have enjoyed taking a picnic lunch and eating at one of the many tables that are scattered across the area. We also saw others using the Barbecues for lunch, playing sports in the open sections, going for walks through the park, and even using the mountain biking trails. It really is “jack of all trades” sort of place with something for everyone.


Just a few tips for making your day at the Koala Sanctuary even better! Take the time to explore! when you’re there go for a walk along the path and see where it takes you. When we were there we found a little spot that was being set up as a wedding venue that we had never seen before!

Don’t forget to have fun! Take your time wandering through the many pathways.

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