Travel Trivia Challenge!

Challenge yourself!

We thought it would be fun if we did some Travel related trivia, and we were RIGHT! We learnt some really interesting and cool facts about places from all over the world. Have a look out our video above if you want to do some trivia along with us.

BUT we have put some questions below for your interest and entertainment! So read ahead and see how many of these questions you get right! (We’d love to hear from you too, so let us know how many you get correct).

Q1 – Russia’s first fast-food restaurant opened in Moscow in 1990, but which chain was it?

A. McDonald’s B. Pizza Hut C. Starbucks D. Dunkin Donuts

Q2 – Sinapore’s national anthem is in micro-text on the back of which of their notes?

A. $50 B. $2 C. $100 D. $1000

Q3 – Which member of the Beatles has a park in Havana named after them?

A. Paul McCartney B. John Lennon C. George Harrision D. Ringo Starr

Q4 – As of 2019, where is the world’s largest natural flower garden?

A. Dubai B. Pattaya City C. London D. Versailles

Q5 – A famous bridge in which city is known to locals as: The Coat Hanger?

A. San Francisco B. Sydney C. Newcastle D. Florence

Q6 – In 2014, the Mayor of Mexico City ordered that taxis must be which colour?

A. Green B. Yellow C. Pink D. Orange

Q7 – Which city is home to the only royal palace in the United States?

A. Boston B. Honolulu C. St Louis D. Las Vegas

Q8 – As of 2019, where would you find the largest indoor aquarium in the Western hemisphere?

A. Boston B. Chicago C. Baltimore D. Atlanta

Q9 – Which city would you be in if you were viewing art at The Prado?

A. Madrid B. Berlin C. Birmingham D. Paris

Q10 – At which tourist attraction in London would you find Traitors’ Gate?

A. Buckingham Palace B. the Tower of London C. The Palace of Westminster D. St Paul’s Cathedral

We hope you enjoyed these trivia questions, you’ll find the answers below. Don’t forget to contact us below!


Q1 – A. McDonald’s, Q2 – D. $1000, Q3 – B. John Lennon, Q4 – A. Dubai, Q5 – B. Sydney, Q6 – C. Pink, Q7 – B. Honolulu, Q8 – D. Atlanta, Q9 – A. Madrid, Q10 – B. the Tower of London

What’s next?

We will be exploring a cool water related destination soon so keep your eye out for our emails in the next few weeks!

We would love to know where you have explored or are exploring. You can contact us through the box below.

If there are any places you would like us to explore we’d love to her about them too!

Stay safe and we’ll talk soon!

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