Day out at the Eumundi Markets! Eumundi, Queensland Australia

How our weekend began!

This weekend we headed off to the Eumundi Markets! We have both been there a few times and have always enjoyed the day out and seeing what is available there. These markets have a wide variety of goods which are amazing! We’ll go into more detail below…

Eumundi is approximately an hour and a half drive north of Brisbane city. We left at about 8 in the morning and arrived just before 10am. The drive there is easy, we used our GPS most of the way but the signage is clear if you know what motorway to stay on. The scenic environment is great to see on the drive the further out you get from the city. I personally love seeing the tall trees and forests as we drive past.

Where did we go?

Our plan for the day was to enjoy a couple of hours at the markets then head back along the Blackall Range Tourist Drive (check out our previous blog post for more detail on this Drive!) towards Montville, where we would stop for some food before heading home.

But more specifically we stopped at the following places during our day out:

  • Eumundi Markets
  • Dulong lookout
  • Mapleton
  • Kondalilla Falls
  • Mayfield Patisserie and Chocolates Cafe – Montville

What did we do?

We thoroughly enjoyed the markets! We saw cool electric guitars made from wooden cigar boxes (the guy playing them was really good too), we heard heard really creative music which included a didgeridoo and was crossed with a modern pop sound. There were so many crafts as well, Kristy had so much fun at a “Make your own candle” stall. There seriously is something for everyone there, if i was to write down everything I saw the list would be very long… Let us know if you are interested in everything we saw and we will let you know!

We bought some delicious fresh cinnamon donuts, an authentic German Bratwurst and a potato slinky (always a favourite… Haha!)

We spent about 20 mins getting to the top end of the Blackall Range Tourist Drive after we left the markets and almost immediately found our first lookout. Dulong lookout just south west of Nambour. Funnily enough it was spelt two different ways on the sign “Dulong” or “Doolong”, We weren’t sure if it was a mistake but we did find it amusing nonetheless.

Next stop was Mapleton, we weren’t here for long as it was a small and quiet town. We talk a short wander down to a lilypond and then headed off again.. We were on a bit of a time schedule here so we probably could have explored some more but were eager to reach Montville for a meal. Kristy noted that the lilypond would likely look very pretty when they were all in bloom. So we might see that another time.

We passed through the next town Flaxton which is very close to the Kondalilla Falls (which we are going to explore fully another time!). We took a short walk to the first lookout along the Kondalilla Falls walking track. It was actually quite a funny experience, we didn’t really intend to stop at Kondalilla Falls but we did when we saw the sign. But we had both worn white shoes which is NOT the correct footwear for a forest walk! We also found out that to reach the falls it was a 2 hour walking circuit so we didn’t have the time, but we WILL be back!

Our last stop, Montville. This was our last stop in our previous post too. We ate some freshly baked sausage rolls and enjoyed a stunning view across the landscape from the Mayfield Patisserie and Chocolates Cafe. We definitely recommend stopping here for a meal!

How we liked it…

We LOVED it! Eumundi markets are amazing all on their own, with something for everyone it is a great day out. But combining that with a scenic drive through the Sunshine Coast hinterland makes the day even better.

While driving the Blackall Range Tourist Drive we also noticed signage for other tourist drives in the area so we may go and check them out at some point too. But something that we will definitely be doing soon is the Kondalilla Falls walk, so stay tuned for that!

We hope you get to visit and experience the Eumundi markets and the Blackall Range Tourist Drive soon!

We want to hear from you! Have you been to Eumundi markets? Where should we go and explore next? We look forward to hearing from you!

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