Blackall Range Tourist Drive, Queensland Australia

How our weekend began!

This time our weekend wasn’t really planned out. We had certain things happening for sure, I was shouting my Dad a movie for an early father’s day and Kristy was heading to the library. But we wanted to DO SOMETHING MORE. So we took to trusty Google to research where we could go for the day and what we found did not disappoint!

Where did we go?

We discovered there was a tourist drive just north of Brisbane (1 and a half hours drive to get there) called the “Blackall Range Tourist Drive”. This drive takes you on a route through Queensland’s mountains and some popular touristy suburbs.

It’s also really close to Australia Zoo! So you could literally spend an entire day on the drive and the zoo and you might not even have enough time!

What did we do?

We drove most of the drive on the day and it was very easy to do, simply follow the signage on the roads! The roads are marked clearly with the Blackall Range Tourist Drive on them.

We stopped at a number of lookouts along the way, McCarthy’s and Gerrard’s to name a couple. The views are absolutely amazing, it was so great to see. We also stopped in at Maleny which is great suburb and we got some pies for lunch there. We were going to be heading to Montville next which is another great touristy suburb… but… we came across a place called “Gardeners Falls”.

So I took a detour and we explored this place “Gardners Falls” and wow! It was so cool! It was this large stream that had small waterfalls and a larger one at the end. We saw a number of families there that had taken their kids swimming which looked fun. We’ll put a photo up here so you can get an idea.

Once we arrived at Montville we took a walk down and up the main street that had a lot of historic looking buildings and nice walkways. We also got ice cream there because…. well… why not right?

We had stopped at quite a few places along the drive and we had to cut our day trip short so we headed home after visiting Montville. But we are planning to finish off the drive in the next couple of weekends.

How we liked it…

We thoroughly enjoyed our day out following the Blackall Range Tourist Drive! If you are ever in Brisbane or north of Brisbane you should 100% make a day of it and check it out. Maleny and Montville are great places to stop along the way and have some food for drink before continuing on the drive.

After seeing Gardeners Falls and seeing that people would swim there I think next time we will be more prepared and might pack our swimming gear. So if you like swimming in a mountainous area maybe consider packing yours too if you go.

Overall it was so nice to just get out of the house and go somewhere new. We liked it enough that we want to go back and finish it! So stay tuned for when we share what we find on the later half of the Blackall Range Tourist Drive.

Enjoy the drive and the sights! Let us know how you liked it!

We want to hear from you! Have you been on this drive before? Do you have a favourite local drive or lookout spot? We look forward to hearing from you.

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