Secret Beach! Coolangatta QLD

How to find it…

We recommend walking there from Coolangatta along the boardwalk. So many great views and stop offs along the way. Walk south along the coast from Coolangatta Beach you’ll pass Greenmont Beach (which is basically the southern end of Coolangatta Beach) and then Rainbow Bay (with it’s beautiful rock formations). On the small head between Greenmont Beach and Rainbow Bay there’s a lookout which is up some steep stairs from the boardwalk up to Pat Fagan Park. We definitely recommend stopping here! We saw a pod of whales playing around some boats further out and 3 dolphins surfing closer in! Once you’ve continued along the boardwalk to Snapper Rocks (which has another great viewing point) you’ll need to keep going around the point and soon find yourself looking at a cute little cove with a bright green rock painted like a frog. I’m not sure if the name of the beach inspired the rock painting or vice versa but it’s a clear indication that you’ve made it! Welcome to Froggie’s Beach!

How we liked it…

We happened to go to Froggie’s Beach on a public holiday so I’m not sure it was the best time to go. The beach was popular with the local families and, that particular morning, very popular with the surfers. Since we’re wimps and it’s the middle of winter here in QLD Australia we didn’t swim as the water was a bit icy but Isaiah couldn’t resist a scramble over the black volcanic rocks and I had a sunbathe on the sand. Personally I preferred Coolangatta Beach with it’s plenty of space and wide view of Coolangatta and Gold Coast but it was certainly fun walking along the boardwalk in search of this ‘secret’ beach!

Enjoy the walk and the swim at the end! Let us know how you liked it!

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