Exploring the Natural Bridge Circuit! Will We Find Glow Worms?

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In our previous post Kristy gave you some details about our recent trip to Coolangatta! During this trip we decided to go and explore some “local” Glow Worm caves. I say “local” because we actually thought they were closer than they actually were. However it was only a beautiful hour drive from where we were staying!

Our Glow Worm Search

The glow worm caves are located in Springbrook National Park, specifically on the Natural Bridge hiking circuit. When arriving there I was a little nervous as the road to get there was pitch black and there were no other cars on the road (Kristy was laughing at how ‘nervous’ I was!). However upon arrival we noticed there were quite a few people there at night, most with young families too!

The walk itself was relatively easy, quite a few steps up and down but overall the circuit wasn’t very long. It took us about 20 minutes to complete it and we were taking our time. The sounds were so exciting! The closer we got to the glow worm caves the louder the waterfall located within it became. We were so excited too because we did see glow worms – despite it being the middle of winter (apparently they are even more spectacular in Summer!).

Unfortunately our camera couldn’t get a great photo of them, but make sure you check out our video above where you will see a sneak peek at the glow worms!

Seeing the glow worms was great but other than that we didn’t get to see much on the walking circuit due to the lack of light (duh). If you go here at night we would recommend getting yourself a pair of head-lights (Check them out here – https://amzn.to/3jeNtWG) . We saw a couple with them on the way in an realised it would be something we will definitely be packing for next time!

We enjoyed the circuit at night and so we decided we’d come back the next day when there was daylight so that we could enjoy the rainforest views, waterfalls and rock formations!

Day visit

It was well worth going in the day time AS WELL!

I’ll get to the walk in a moment, but even the drive there was great (no nervous Isaiah haha) as we could see the forests and lakes on the way. There was even one section where the trees were growing out of the water that looked dead but so cool to photograph (see below).

The Natural Bridge circuit was also popular during the day with quite a few families visiting it. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Springbrook National Park in the day time. Being able to put visuals with the magnificent sound of the waterfall was great, and how stunning is that water?!

During our day visit it started to RAIN! Haha! While unexpected it was still an amazing time, we could enjoy the waterfall out of the rain due to the rock overhang which was so pretty to see too.

There are other walking circuits at Springbrook National Park, we were going to check out another one however decided not to since I had forgotten a raincoat and was already soaked after one circuit. (So learn from my mistake and pack a raincoat just in case!)

We 100% recommend visiting Springbrook National Park and the Natural Bridge walking circuit! It’s not far from Gold Coast or Brisbane and is a great time out with your family! We will be back to check out the other walking tracks that we didn’t get to.

Let us know if you’ve ever been to Springbrook National Park in Queensland australia and what your favourite part was! Sign up to get updates on our posts.

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