6 Essential Travel Bags & How To Use Them!

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So something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is the specific details of travel. One thing we’ve come to realise is that the bags you take are IMPORTANT! They can make or break a trip… have you had your luggage break half way through a trip? Or realise that your super cute handbag was not actually the best choice for wandering the beaches of Italy? So here are our thoughts on the matter… 6 essential bags you should have for travelling. Guys, don’t tune out because while this topic might not be your favourite it applies to you too!

Bag 1 | Luggage bag

The specific kind of luggage you choose is very dependant on the type of travel you are planning on doing, but for us planning our 6 month Europe trip we’ve gone with 90L backpacks with wheels. They are so big I’m sure I could fit in one. But 6 months worth of things just ain’t going to fit in our regular 60L wheelie luggage. Also chatting to many people who have been over there, mentioned that the roads are cobbled or brick so wheelie bags break very quickly trying to get from A to B. This is why the hybrid of wheels and backpacks is so great! Wheels for around airports and inside and then it transforms into a backpack for those tricky streets. Perfect!

High Sierra Wheeled Backpack
Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel 110l Gear Bag

Kathmandu Terrane Adapt Pack Trolley Bag Wheels Hybrid Travel Backpack 70LTR

Bag 2 | Carry-on backpack

Carry on luggage definitely seems like a statement of each person’s personality these days (sporty guy has the Adidas backpack, chic gal has the oversized handbag, minimal guy has just a wallet and big pockets!) So this is our suggestion purely based on practicality – go with a backpack! You can definitely personalise this (I’m going with a cute leather look one). The great thing about choosing a backpack is that this doubles as a day bag for day trips exploring whatever city you’re heading too. The more things you can use one bag for the more space you have for all those souvenirs you’re going to buy!

Beschoi Convertible Backpack Laptop Shoulder Bag

Bag 3 | Belt bag or Cross body bag

The purpose of the belt bag or cross body bag is for that extra bit of security. Not so easy for thieves to steal if it’s securely strapped to your body. Our personal personal preferences are the cross body bags. Isaiah’s even going to be getting one for our trip as pickpockets are definitely a thing in Europe. You can get even more secure ones that are super slim and fit under your clothes. Here are some great options for ladies!

Travelon Anti-Theft Travel Bag
OSOCE Anti-Theft Waterproof Shoulder Backpack 
Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Crossbody Bag

Something else to think about when picking out your secure bag is the opening – zippers are more secure than buttons and if it has a zippered inner pocket even better! The great tip for if you’re worried about theft in a specific location you are going to, is that you can even padlock the zips together for an extra layer of security. See the link below for some secure mini padlocks like those we’ll be using on our luggage and cross body bags.

TSA Approved Luggage Locks, Fosmon (3 Pack)  

There are so many options for men as well… waterproof! RFID blocker! Small and simple! Canvas or leather! Branded or minimal! Here are some great examples for men.

SPAHER Oxford Men Shoulder Bag
nuoku Small Cross Body Bag for Men with RFID

BJLFS Travel Wallet Neck Pouch RFID Blocking

Bag 4 | Laundry bags

This is another bag with multiple uses. The main thing I use it for it actually for separating dirty laundry from clean in my bag. When you’re traveling you usually can’t and won’t do a load every day which means you will have dirty laundry in your luggage at any given time. The best thing about these laundry bags is that you just load in all your laundry as you go and then when you’re ready to do a wash, you can just put in the whole bag. Simple and clean.

6 Pack Laundry Bag

Bag 5 | Toiletries bag

This is another one where personal preference comes into play. On a causal weekend trip I’ll take a large toiletry bag plus 2 smaller makeup bags and still have to put the bigger bottles in separately… which is frustrating! So I’ve discovered these toiletry bags which are amazing! Another tip to think about is travel toiletries (and I don’t just mean those insie bitsie, completely impractical, travel bottles… think shampoo and conditioner bars and shaving soap bars – anything to reduce the bottle size without compromising on use). But these bags are so great because they fit everything in one! I mean basic cosmetics AND toiletries! I love that they unfold with separate pockets for best access.

Gonex Hanging Toiletry Bag
BAGSMART Hanging Toiletry Bag

Bag 6 | Ziplock bag

Okay… I know this is a weird one! But seriously these are so great to have a stash of! Easy phone and wallet sand and water-proofing! Easy lunch bags! Easy liquid proofing your carry-ons! And a myriad of other uses! So lightweight, small and USEFUL! You can even get some great sustainable reusable ones like these…

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags [4 Pack]

Hope you found this useful! Let us know what bags you love!

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