Travel and Covid-19 | 5 things you CAN do

With the COVID19 pandemic causing most countries to close their borders, travelling plans have been thrown out the window for many many people. Kristy and I had plans to visit New Zealand earlier this year, in fact Kristy was going to be going to New Zealand TWICE in April. Similarly to other people our flights were cancelled, accomodation cancelled, transport cancelled; and just like that our trip we were looking forward to had gone out the window.

BUT, we’ve discovered that while travel was limited there are things we can do! In this post we will give you 5 ideas of what you can still do while COVID19 restrictions remain in place. We can still enjoy this time and spend it making memories (can I hear an ‘AMEN’?).

1 | Local travel

Something you CAN do, depending on where you are in the world, is local travel. Now is a great time to discover or rediscover amazing places that are closer to home. Think picnics in the park, or hike that local mountain at dawn (you won’t find Kristy getting up that early, but how stunning are those views!).

Have a search online for “Things to do in *your location*” or something similar. You will likely find a list of places you could go and see. Remember to keep within any government restrictions when you make a plan to go visit these places. You never know what hidden gems you may find. Here’s a view we found locally – hike and picnic = perfection (quality time with the wife). Additionally depending on how far you can travel from home, you could widen your “Things to do…” search to include other areas which will increase your list of places to visit. A trip to the beach, an overnight trip in the mountains.

2 | Plan your next trip

If you have found you have extra time in your day (I know I have), whether it is from not having to drive to work, or working less hours, or whatever it is, make the most of your time! Start thinking about and planning out what your next travel plan is. Is it to France, Germany, New York, Queenstown? Whereever it is, start your plan.

Kristy wrote a great post on planning your next trip so definitely check that out here – LINK. But here is a quick summary:

  • Dream big!
  • Map it out
  • Budget and Research
  • Start saving!
  • Put it in the calendar

3 | Save Money

If you have been fortunate enough to have work during this time you may have noticed that you are spending less and saving money. Use this season to save some extra cash to go towards your next trip, whether it is an overseas trip or domestic. Now you can do this organically, however we would recommend (as always) have a plan and put that plan to action. Be conscious of how you’re spending in order to save money in the best way possible.

Regardless of your working situation, I am confident these tips below will assist you.


Take some time to look into your finances and identify what areas you are spending less on. For Kristy and I, we have noticed that we are not spending anywhere near as much money on eating out or recreational activities (due to the enforced restrictions). So make a list and write down the where you are spending less money and include how much money you are saving in each area per week.


Now that you have identified how much money you are saving and where it is coming from, you can plan where to allocate these funds. You could allocate these to anywhere you’d like or need to, but if you’re here (like us) you are likely going to allocate these funds to a holiday you are planning for when boarders open again (who’s excited?!).


Make sure you ACT on the plan you have made! The way we do it is by setting up an automatic bank transfer between our accounts, this way you don’t have to think about saving every week. Either way, ensure you are moving the funds you identified into your savings account or keeping a record of how much of your money is being allocated to travel.


This is important and it won’t take long! After a few weeks of acting on your plan ask yourself, “Is it working?” Are there areas that you thought you’d be saving more in. Or have you acquired more savings than you thought possible (we’re proud of you, if you have!). I am confident that if you have kept to your plan you will definitely see a difference, but it is important to identify if there are other things that may be inhibiting your plan from succeeding.

Here is a golden opportunity… When this season is over, can you keep your plan in motion? If you are able to continue to save additional funds after this season is over, you should! You won’t regret travelling on your next holiday SOONER by saving more money now.

4 | Purchase gear/clothing for your next trip

Something else you can be doing during this season is purchasing gear for your next trip. As a lot of stores have stopped or slowed there have been some great SALES (all the ladies say ‘hallelujah!’). If you have been looking for specific items or know you should be, now could be the time to do your research and get your gear at significantly reduced costs!

We are planning our extended Europe trip, and something we need was… TRAVEL BACKPACKS.
Last weekend we decided to go shopping (QLD restrictions have lessened so we can). We’ve been looking for some great backpacks and found them cheaper than we had found online which is usually the cheapest place to find gear. We saved $60 which can now be reallocated. We’ve done the same with winter boots (hello Europe winter!) and saved $270 on these!

5 | Vacation at home

“Stay home? But Isaiah, you just said before I should look at places to travel locally.” Kristy and I are WITH YOU. We enjoy going out and travelling places. And travelling to those local places is really good for you and your partner. To have a change from the usual environment and to actually go and DO something. However, it is also important to rest, to stay safe and to stay home. We 100% want you to ensure you are following any Government restrictions on travelling and movement and staying home definitely has been repeated over and over. But this doesn’t have to be mind-blowingly boring.

So… here are some tips for “vacationing” at home. Pull out the board and card games from the cupboard. Dust them off and get some competitions going. Learn something new. You could start learning the language for your next travel destination (we use DuoLingo). Learn an instrument. During this season I am learning how to play guitar. Have an indoor picnic or date night. Spread out a rug in the living room, get a cheese board going, grab a drink and get cosy. Movie night in? Think movie snacks, PJs and cosy blankets. Iso bake something. Kristy’s been working on an breakfast Apple Crumble which is so yummy!

I hope you have found these ideas helpful. We would love to hear from you what things you are doing during this season. Let us know below!

Have a fantastic day!

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