Main Beach Gold Coast | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

Main Beach is located in Gold Coast and is between a 40 and 60 minute drive from Brisbane depending on the day. We went early on a Saturday morning (5 AM ?!?!) and didn’t experience any traffic.

What to do there

Main Beach is an absolutely stunning location with incredible views of both the city and the beach and so many things to do that there is something for everyone!

It offers both the beach and grassy option to spend your time. With picnic seating, public BBQs, bicycle tracks and playgrounds for kids; this place has got you covered. We got there early in the morning because we were having a family photoshoot in preparation for Christmas. We haven’t seen the photos yet but we are sure the scenic beach and early morning sun made for some fantastic photographs!

After the beach photographs we had breakfast at the Lark Cafe which is just across the road, super convenient and incredibly delicious. After some sunbathing and a quick dip in the ocean we went off to Harbourtwon shopping centre (which is about a 10 minute drive from Main Beach) to do some Christmas shopping..

How much it costs

Everything is FREE at main beach other than purchasing drinks or food. You can enjoy the facilities and views only at the cost of your time.


Just a few tips for making your visit to Main Beach even better! As always… Take your time to explore! Wander around the area, find your perfect beach and ocean view. Enjoy the fresh air and walk along the beach and most definitely find your favourite coffee, ice cream or lunch from a local business.

Don’t forget to have fun!

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Wynnum and Manly Shoreline | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

Wynnum and Manly are located East of Brisbane city. You can take public transport to get there, however you might also find having your own vehicle to get there will make it a lot easier.

What to do there

Wynnum and Manly have so many great spots to relax by the shoreline, go for a fish at the end of the wharfs, or even go for walk or ride up and down the shoreline path! But if those aren’t your speed you can also visit the Wynnum Wading pool. This pool is filled by the seawater at high-tide and retains the water during low-tide, and it allows visitors to enjoy the water without having to enter the open water. When we went there it was an extremely hot day so we HAD TO get some ice cream! We tried a Tim-Tam flavour and Ferrero Rocher flavour from Matilda’s Art of Gelato.

If you take a 20 minute walk south of Wynnum you’ll arrive in Manly (2 minute drive south). Manly has a similar relaxing feel to it and also provides great space and activities for families. Manly has a Bayside park with climbing structures as well as a playground. BUT one of the coolest things is that they have an outdoor cinema! Go look online for “Manly outdoor cinema” to find the upcoming events. But importantly they are all FREE. So what we would suggest is: 1. get to Manly, 2. order some fish and chips from our favourite place (Sea Vibes) and 3. cosy up with a blanket and watch a movie in the outdoors!

How much it costs

Apart from our ice creams and our fish and chips, all of the locations are FREE to access. Did we mention the outdoor cinema is free too?


Just a few tips for making your list to Wynnum and Manly even better! Take your time to explore! Wander around the area, find your perfect sea view, your satisfying shoreline walk, and most definitely get yourself some well deserved ice cream and fish’n’chip dinner! Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen (it can get HOT)!

Don’t forget to have fun!

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Brisbane CBD | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

There are so many ways to get to Brisbane CBD! If you choose to drive just make sure to book a park before you get there! Otherwise you can use the public buses or the Citycat – Brisbane’s river ferry.

What to do there

There are SO many things to do in Brisbane CBD – but if you’re just spending the day in the city like we did we’d recommend visiting the Roma Street Gardens as one of your stops. These beautiful gardens are a quick walk from King George Square and have great spaces to walk through or have a picnic in. There are some great spaces for the kids with playgrounds and wide open spaces… and LOTS of lizards to chase! We loved our brunch at The Garden Room cafe right on the edge of the gardens and served some great pancakes and coffee!

What would be a trip to the CBD without stopping by the shops? Queen Street Mall is a great shopping street and has a few extra shopping centres off it. It’s also got plenty of places to stop off for a drink or some food.

For dinner we went to Rico Bar and Dining and loved it. Positioned right on the river it had great views! We’d definitely recommend booking a table early to get a table by the window. We’d also recommend the paella! It comes in seafood, meat or veggie and in a serving for two! They also had a great selection of tapas and mains.

How much it costs

Apart from the food our only cost for the day was parking, we recommend checking out Secure Parking and booking through them.


Just a few tips for making your visit to Brisbane CBD even better! Take the time to explore! when you’re there go for a wander down the alleyways along Queen Street Mall and see where it takes you! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Don’t forget to have fun!

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Cancelled??| Changing our plans

Our Europe trip

When we started this blog and our youtube channel. We had started planning for an amazing trip through Europe! It was going to be six months long and we were going to be going through Greece all the way through to Scotland. We were especially excited to spend a long period of time in Italy and were intending on having Christmas in Belgium. We were SO EXCITED! Everything was coming together, we had got leave approved from our jobs we had figured out all of the finances. Then all of a sudden March hit and Covid-19 changed the world.

What’s changing?

We had so many cool ideas for what to share with all of you while we were overseas. While this isn’t happening now we are putting more focus and time into exploring our own backyard in Australia. So you will still get to join us as we discover amazing locations and share our experiences with you.

We have recently started a series called “Where to go in Brisbane?” So make sure you go back and check out our previous posts if you missed any! In this series we are going to various parks, gardens, walks and so much more! All of these places located within short driving distance of Brisbane CBD.

What else are you doing?

We’ve felt like we have been in limbo the last few months. Waiting to see if restrictions lift, waiting to see if Covid-19 disappears, waiting to figure out what we will do. Europe was a big start to a bigger plan we had. So we’re essentially just moving the Europe trip to a later time in our lives and now…… We are getting ready to move house! We are in the process of selling and are looking at moving into a new place soon!

The Future of The Drake Conversation

We are still so excited for the future and what we will be doing. At this stage due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions in place we will be focussing on local travel within Queensland mainly near Brisbane. As restrictions lift our options increase for places that we can explore and share with you. We have lots of ideas that we are so keen to do and share with you, so stay tuned in!

We want this platform with you to be a conversation, we love hearing from you. Reading about the places you have recently explored is so exciting and makes us want to go there too! So please send us a message saying Hi and share a place you have discovered recently.

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Cadogen Street Park | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

As the name states, this park is located on Cadogen Street in Carindale. This is approximately a 20 to 30 minute drive south of Brisbane CBD.

What to do there

Cadogen Street Park is unique because the park itself includes an awesome 18-hole Frisbee golf course! We had a go on the course and it was a lot of fun. Make sure you pack your Frisbees, and if you’re a serious Frisbee Golfer make sure you have your good quality frisbees as the cheap plastic ones you might get from the store (like Big W, Target, Kmart) aren’t going to cut it for serious play.

It’s a wide open area with plenty of seats and a table for you to have a picnic at, on our visit we set up a picnic on the group under a shady tree which was great.

How much it costs

Visiting the park is completely free! AND it is also free to use the Frisbee Golf course. All you need to do is bring your own frisbees and be considerate of any other visitors also using the course. There is plenty of free street parking so there is no need to worry about walking far to get there.


Just a few tips for making your trip to Cadogen Street Park even better! Bring your frisbees and have a go at the Frisbee golf course! Make sure you pack some food and water if you’re trying the course as it can take awhile depending on your skill level and it can get very hot! Don’t forget your sunscreen and picnic blanket!

We’d love to hear from you if you have played Frisbee golf before (if so where?) and whether there is another great place that we can highlight in a future blog post and Youtube video.

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Newstead | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

Newstead is located right on the Brisbane River and it a 10 minute drive East from the Brisbane CBD. You could also catch the CityCat from any point along the river.

What to do there

We would highly recommend Mica Patisserie on Breakfast Creek! Think every kind of pastry and tasty treat that you could dream of! So yummy! The coffee was also great. It’s located right on the creek under the Mercedes building. It’s also just a two minute walk away from Newstead Park. So you could definitely take your pastries and have a picnic there. Newstead Park also has a museum called Newstead house which is one of the oldest buildings in Brisbane.

One of the other great things to do and you said it’s go for walk along the river. There’s a great boardwalk that lots of people were taking advantage of going for a cycle or a run.

How much it costs

Mecca patisserie is a high-end cafe so the cost for the pastries is about six dollars each but the coffee was fairly standardly priced at five dollars for a ice latte. The parking was paid for street parking close by but we would recommend parking in the Bunnings close by for 2hrs free.


Just a few tips for making your trip to Newstead even better! Take the time to explore! when you’re there go for a walk along the river and see where it takes you! Don’t forget your sunscreen and picnic blanket.

Don’t forget to have fun! Take your time wandering through the many pathways.

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Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary | Queensland Destinations

How to get there

The Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary is located within the Daisy Hill Conservation Park which is approximately 25mins south from the Brisbane CBD. When you arrive you enter a circuit loop that goes around the park and has pockets of car parks along it. The Koala Sanctuary’s best parking is the first car park you come across. Though there were lots of families and visitors there on the day (Saturday), we find a car park very quickly.

How much it costs

Both the Conservation Park and the Koala Sanctuary is completely open to the public and FREE. The main thing to note is that if you are intending on going into the Koala Sanctuary you will need to book a time-slot in advance on their website to ensure you can visit!

What to do there

It is such a peaceful place, I was saying to Kristy when we were there “It feels like we are away secluded from everything, yet still so close to everything.” We have enjoyed taking a picnic lunch and eating at one of the many tables that are scattered across the area. We also saw others using the Barbecues for lunch, playing sports in the open sections, going for walks through the park, and even using the mountain biking trails. It really is “jack of all trades” sort of place with something for everyone.


Just a few tips for making your day at the Koala Sanctuary even better! Take the time to explore! when you’re there go for a walk along the path and see where it takes you. When we were there we found a little spot that was being set up as a wedding venue that we had never seen before!

Don’t forget to have fun! Take your time wandering through the many pathways.

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Brisbane Botanical Gardens at Mount Coot-tha!

How to get there

The Brisbane Botanical Gardens are located at Mount Coot-tha which is approximately 17mins west from the CBD. Once you’re there there is lots of free car parking available both right outside the information centre and also across the road. We came on a Saturday during school holidays and though it was busy we still found a park in the main parking quickly.

How much it costs

To visit the actual gardens is totally free, as is the parking. You can also visit the Planetarium for free, however they do have Cosmic Skydome shows which you can buy tickets for on their website. They also have a cafe there to buy food if you didn’t bring anything to eat.

What to do there

There are so many places to visit here I couldn’t possibly list them all. Part of the wonder of these botanical garden is the different areas you can wander through and sit in. There are benches all over the gardens and along the pathways for you to just take a minute or 10. Some of our favourite areas are the arid region plants, the conifer trees, and the pond.


Just a few tips for making your day in the gardens even better! At the information centre there are some great resources for you but I would definitely recommend getting a map of the gardens to carry around with you. The area is large and there are so many pathways, it’s easy to get lost. Also don’t forget your sunscreen, water-bottle and hat. That sun can be intense!

Don’t forget to have fun! Take your time wandering through the many pathways.

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Travel Trivia Challenge!

Challenge yourself!

We thought it would be fun if we did some Travel related trivia, and we were RIGHT! We learnt some really interesting and cool facts about places from all over the world. Have a look out our video above if you want to do some trivia along with us.

BUT we have put some questions below for your interest and entertainment! So read ahead and see how many of these questions you get right! (We’d love to hear from you too, so let us know how many you get correct).

Q1 – Russia’s first fast-food restaurant opened in Moscow in 1990, but which chain was it?

A. McDonald’s B. Pizza Hut C. Starbucks D. Dunkin Donuts

Q2 – Sinapore’s national anthem is in micro-text on the back of which of their notes?

A. $50 B. $2 C. $100 D. $1000

Q3 – Which member of the Beatles has a park in Havana named after them?

A. Paul McCartney B. John Lennon C. George Harrision D. Ringo Starr

Q4 – As of 2019, where is the world’s largest natural flower garden?

A. Dubai B. Pattaya City C. London D. Versailles

Q5 – A famous bridge in which city is known to locals as: The Coat Hanger?

A. San Francisco B. Sydney C. Newcastle D. Florence

Q6 – In 2014, the Mayor of Mexico City ordered that taxis must be which colour?

A. Green B. Yellow C. Pink D. Orange

Q7 – Which city is home to the only royal palace in the United States?

A. Boston B. Honolulu C. St Louis D. Las Vegas

Q8 – As of 2019, where would you find the largest indoor aquarium in the Western hemisphere?

A. Boston B. Chicago C. Baltimore D. Atlanta

Q9 – Which city would you be in if you were viewing art at The Prado?

A. Madrid B. Berlin C. Birmingham D. Paris

Q10 – At which tourist attraction in London would you find Traitors’ Gate?

A. Buckingham Palace B. the Tower of London C. The Palace of Westminster D. St Paul’s Cathedral

We hope you enjoyed these trivia questions, you’ll find the answers below. Don’t forget to contact us below!


Q1 – A. McDonald’s, Q2 – D. $1000, Q3 – B. John Lennon, Q4 – A. Dubai, Q5 – B. Sydney, Q6 – C. Pink, Q7 – B. Honolulu, Q8 – D. Atlanta, Q9 – A. Madrid, Q10 – B. the Tower of London

What’s next?

We will be exploring a cool water related destination soon so keep your eye out for our emails in the next few weeks!

We would love to know where you have explored or are exploring. You can contact us through the box below.

If there are any places you would like us to explore we’d love to her about them too!

Stay safe and we’ll talk soon!

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Day out at the Eumundi Markets! Eumundi, Queensland Australia

How our weekend began!

This weekend we headed off to the Eumundi Markets! We have both been there a few times and have always enjoyed the day out and seeing what is available there. These markets have a wide variety of goods which are amazing! We’ll go into more detail below…

Eumundi is approximately an hour and a half drive north of Brisbane city. We left at about 8 in the morning and arrived just before 10am. The drive there is easy, we used our GPS most of the way but the signage is clear if you know what motorway to stay on. The scenic environment is great to see on the drive the further out you get from the city. I personally love seeing the tall trees and forests as we drive past.

Where did we go?

Our plan for the day was to enjoy a couple of hours at the markets then head back along the Blackall Range Tourist Drive (check out our previous blog post for more detail on this Drive!) towards Montville, where we would stop for some food before heading home.

But more specifically we stopped at the following places during our day out:

  • Eumundi Markets
  • Dulong lookout
  • Mapleton
  • Kondalilla Falls
  • Mayfield Patisserie and Chocolates Cafe – Montville

What did we do?

We thoroughly enjoyed the markets! We saw cool electric guitars made from wooden cigar boxes (the guy playing them was really good too), we heard heard really creative music which included a didgeridoo and was crossed with a modern pop sound. There were so many crafts as well, Kristy had so much fun at a “Make your own candle” stall. There seriously is something for everyone there, if i was to write down everything I saw the list would be very long… Let us know if you are interested in everything we saw and we will let you know!

We bought some delicious fresh cinnamon donuts, an authentic German Bratwurst and a potato slinky (always a favourite… Haha!)

We spent about 20 mins getting to the top end of the Blackall Range Tourist Drive after we left the markets and almost immediately found our first lookout. Dulong lookout just south west of Nambour. Funnily enough it was spelt two different ways on the sign “Dulong” or “Doolong”, We weren’t sure if it was a mistake but we did find it amusing nonetheless.

Next stop was Mapleton, we weren’t here for long as it was a small and quiet town. We talk a short wander down to a lilypond and then headed off again.. We were on a bit of a time schedule here so we probably could have explored some more but were eager to reach Montville for a meal. Kristy noted that the lilypond would likely look very pretty when they were all in bloom. So we might see that another time.

We passed through the next town Flaxton which is very close to the Kondalilla Falls (which we are going to explore fully another time!). We took a short walk to the first lookout along the Kondalilla Falls walking track. It was actually quite a funny experience, we didn’t really intend to stop at Kondalilla Falls but we did when we saw the sign. But we had both worn white shoes which is NOT the correct footwear for a forest walk! We also found out that to reach the falls it was a 2 hour walking circuit so we didn’t have the time, but we WILL be back!

Our last stop, Montville. This was our last stop in our previous post too. We ate some freshly baked sausage rolls and enjoyed a stunning view across the landscape from the Mayfield Patisserie and Chocolates Cafe. We definitely recommend stopping here for a meal!

How we liked it…

We LOVED it! Eumundi markets are amazing all on their own, with something for everyone it is a great day out. But combining that with a scenic drive through the Sunshine Coast hinterland makes the day even better.

While driving the Blackall Range Tourist Drive we also noticed signage for other tourist drives in the area so we may go and check them out at some point too. But something that we will definitely be doing soon is the Kondalilla Falls walk, so stay tuned for that!

We hope you get to visit and experience the Eumundi markets and the Blackall Range Tourist Drive soon!

We want to hear from you! Have you been to Eumundi markets? Where should we go and explore next? We look forward to hearing from you!

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